Event Profile

The TTPBA’s Award for Media Excellence was inaugurated at a Dinner at the Trinidad Hilton in 2004 where four prominent persons were recognized for their outstanding and pioneering contribution to media in their specific areas.


2004 Awardees:

Holly Betaudier                Exposure and Development of Local Talent and Culture

Edward McDowell          Broadcast Engineering and Development of Radio

Pat Mathura                    Expanding National Consciousness for an Indo-Caribbean Media

Ken Gordon                    Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Commitment to the Defence

of  Media


2005 Awardees:

Richard Henderson          Development of Radio and Expanding Boundaries of Niche Marketing

Marcel Mahabir               Development of Radio and Expanding Boundaries of Niche Marketing



2006 Awardees:

Kathleen Warner             Providing an Avenue for the Exposure of Young Talent and

                                       Contributing to the Overall Development of Young People


Keith Smith                     Development of Print Media with special emphasis on Journalistic Writing that Maintains the Rich Structure, Colour, Tone and Rhythm of our Language and History



2007 Awardees:           

Ralph (Raffie) Knowles The development of radio and television with special

(posthumous)                   emphasis on sports commentary and reporting, and for

                                       the inspiration he was to those who would follow.



George John                    The development of journalism as Reporter, Editor, Educator,

(posthumous)                   Public Relations Practitioner, Media Director, Consultant and

                                       Author, with a career that spanned 70 years and impacted on

                                       Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean, and beyond.


Hazel Ward Redman       The development of radio and television with special emphasis

                                       On local programming for women and children that stimulated

                                       Discussion and encouraged and showcased the many talents of

                                       Our people.


Kamaluddin Mohammed  The development of radio and television with special emphasis on propelling the growth of an indigenous, Indo Trinidadian tradition and talent in song and music.


2008 Awardees: 

Sam Ghany                      The Development of Radio in  Trinidad and Tobago with special emphasis on Marketing and Broadcasting, and for Initiating and Spiraling the Careers of Many


Owen Baptiste                 The Development of Print Media in  Trinidad and Tobago as Journalist, Editor,  Entrepreneur, and Author and for the Establishment of the Tradition of Local  Commentary and Public Debate


2009 Awardees:

Allison Hennessy             The Development of Television in Trinidad and Tobago with special emphasis on exposing the work of our people to the nation.


Hans Hanoomansingh      The Development of Radio in Trinidad and Tobago reaching all Cultures of our Society with a career spanning almost fifty years and including almost all aspects of Media.


Dunstan Williams             The Development of Print Media in Trinidad and Tobago in providing an incisive chronicle of and critical commentary on all issues through his one panel, illustrated cartoons.


2010 Awardees

Diego Serrao                  The Development of Broadcast Media in Trinidad and Tobago, with special emphasis on Developing Technology for Transmitting and Receiving Radio Broadcasts, Being the country’s First Radio Announcer, and Establishing Transmitters for the Country’s first Broadcast Unit, Rediffusion, and later, Radio Trinidad.


John Babb                      The Development of Print Media in Trinidad and Tobago as Reporter, Lead Writer, Columnist, News Editor and General Editor, Providing, through his Reports, an Acute degree of Accuracy and Objectivity, Imparting his Knowledge and Experience with Ease to those in his charge


2011 Awardees:

Horace James               The Development of Television in Trinidad & Tobago as a Playwright, establishing and managing local drama for Television, directing and producing plays for that medium, involving himself in all aspects of the work, giving opportunities to aspiring actors and voice tot eh people, mirroring our lives and our culture.


Bobby Thomas             The Development of Radio and Television in Trinidad and Tobago as an Announcer, his “Golden” voice, perfect enunciation and easy command of the English Language defining his profession with sincerity and simplicity, and setting standards that inspired a  younger generation to excellence.



2012 Awardees:

Barbara Assoon           The Development of Radio in Trinidad and Tobago as News Reporter and Programme Presenter, giving context to today’s programming for women, becoming, in the Newsroom and through her Broadcast Academy, a mentor to several generations of broadcasters.


Sir Trevor McDonald   The Development of Radio and Television in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and beyond, as Presenter, Producer, Journalist and Diplomatic Correspondent, covering events from every continent and inspiring generations by his many ‘first time’ achievements, becoming one of the most respected of International Broadcasters.


2014 Awardees:

Andre Ambard           Press Freedom, highlighting Judicial inconsistencies, through the use of Print media and further challenging the Courts, successfully, for his right to Freedom of Expression, even to challenge the Law, thereby extending that right to the ordinary citizen and writing Trinidad & Tobago into the international legal and media history, setting several precedents on human rights and Freedom of Expression for Newspapers.



Lord Superior            Freedom of Expression for all citizens, legally challenging the (Andrew Marcano) government monopoly of Broadcast Media, thereby injecting the idea of private sector broadcasting in a largely regional, state-driven sector, becoming, over twenty-five years, at great personal cost, the persistent, driving force behind the opening up of the airwaves in Trinidad & Tobago.



2015 Awardees:

Ian Ali                         Contribution to the world of Television, combining his passion for Art with Broadcast Media and Journalism, Theatre and Education, producing programmes that brought Art into the nation’s homes, inspiring children’s imagination and creativity with his larger than life canvasses and story-telling.  He indelibly etched himself and his work into the landscape of Trinidad & Tobago.


Dale Kolasingh Contribution to The Media landscape of Trinidad & Tobago through his pursuit of intelligent journalism, producing television programmes that probed issues and actions of the day, training along the way, all those who came through his doors, in all areas, from finding the story, to shooting it, to writing and editing, to its final production.  Putting quality above quantity, he gave everything to the work at hand, as a Journalist, Producer and Entrepreneur.


2016 Awardees:

Patrick Chookolingo  Contribution to the development of Newspaper Journalism in Trinidad & Tobago, merging conventional and investigative journalism with our indigenous forms of expression, pushing the boundaries of press freedom, creating a high demand for his political, satirical, corruption-busting product and with his populist, humorous spice, becoming a pioneer of the weekly tabloid in Trinidad & Tobago.


Margaret Elcock Contribution to the development of Radio in Trinidad & Tobago, becoming the first female owner and CEO of a radio station, establishing the first twenty-four hour Gospel station, and being the driving force behind programmes designed to counter the negatives in society, shaping, rebuilding and promoting family life via the media.


Anthony Chow Lin On Contribution to the development of Radio in Trinidad & Tobago,    his passion for music resulting in evolution from Party DJ to On Air DJ, to Programme Administrator, to Media Executive; a visionary leader who ushered in a new era of the Urban Youth format, spearheading and maintaining its wide acceptance.


2017 Awardees: 

Jones P. Madeira       Contribution to the Media Industry, locally and throughout the Caribbean, as Print Journalist, Broadcaster, News Editor and Manager, Advisor in various fields of Communication, promoting regional News, Production and indigenous Content, training and mentoring many who came into his path, and creating a history of his own in Leadership, Professionalism and Excellence in Media.


Raoul Pantin               Contribution to Print and Broadcast Journalism in Trinidad & Tobago, preserving Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech and the right of the people to know, Recording and Telling difficult and significant passages of our country’s history, embracing New Media for its democratic effect, touching young journalists with his passion, and fanning the flame of excellence and truth.


Shida Bolai                 Contribution to Leadership of the Media Industry in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean, sharing her knowledge, advertising sales strategies and innovative ideas with media companies and associations, using her various positions to address national and regional concerns of press freedom, all the while providing guidance for embracing the challenges of non-traditional media.



Two (or more) candidates shall be eligible for selection each year in the TTPBA Award for Media Excellence and shall meet the following criteria:

Attainment of eminence through outstanding achievements accumulated over a period of twenty (20) years or more in at least one (1) of the following categories of service to the media (i.e. Radio/Television/Press):

  1. Journalism, Presentation, Production, Engineering, Marketing or General Management at the national level.
  2. Policy formulation, planning, research, writing or other form of expression contributing to the refinement of the media thought and practice.
  3. Advocacy in international and/or regional for materially advancing the cause of Caribbean Media would be an advantage.
  4. Support to broadcasting and print organizations in the region other than any officially associated with the candidate, through the sharing of resources, including professional expertise and experience would be an advantage.
  5. Community service, which enhances the society at large, while elevating the image of the Media, would be an advantage.
  6. Service in the development and operation of the TTPBA/CBU/CANA institutions committed to the fostering of regionalism through Media would be an advantage.


Candidates shall:

Be of Caribbean birth or nationality and shall be perceived in their respective communities as persons of character and integrity and as suitable role models for young media practitioners and youth in general.


The TTPBA reserves the right to review this criteria and to award persons who have made significant contributions to the industry even though they may have served for less than the stipulated twenty years.