While politicians are gearing up for the country's 2015 General Election, so too are media practitioners.

On Monday, media workers from across the nation gathered for a refresher course in election coverage to ensure the public gets adequate coverage at all times.

Hosted by the Association of Caribbean Media Workers, the two-day election coverage workshop is aimed at ensuring coverage is precise and accurate.

ACM President, Mr. Clive Bacchus, said election time is when the country sees different sides to political parties but journalists must ensure the publication is fair.

His sentiments were echoed by US Embassy Charge d' Affaires Keith Gilges, who reminded journalists that they have a responsibility to inform the public accurately and not be discouraged when faced with ethical challenges.

"Journalists must always strive to honour codes of conduct. All of these rules are clear and easy to observe while others are only recognised when they’ve been broken, when someone has gone too far. Yours is a public service. You uncover wrongdoing and investigate malfeasance. You give voice to the powerless and a pulpit, often, to the powerful."