Trinidad and Tobago's Publishers and Broadcasters Association

The TTPBA (Trinidad & Tobago Publishers & Broadcasters Association) was established in the early 1990's with the granting of Presidential licences to potential radio broadcasters to own and operate radio stations. As the Trinidad radio market grew and more radio stations came on the scene, owners and operators saw the need to come together with a view to sharing concerns, resolving issues and developing the media industry in a way that would be beneficial to all parties.

Objectives were formulated then, and with the incorporation of the TTPBA in October 2003 these were formalized in our written constitution. The TTPBA is a non-profit organization that is funded by its members.

The media industry currently comprises approximately 40 Radio Stations, and 12 local Television Stations.  Press has remained at 3 daily newspapers with several weeklies, and the public is treated to numerous foreign cable channels.

The TTPBA recognizes the need to share information and ideas with its Caribbean Media counterparts and so in 2005 became and Associate Member of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU).

The broadcast industry is regulated by a statutory body, the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago (TATT).  TATT has published, for public comment, A Broadcasting Code for the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago – A Consultative Document.  The TTPBA has submitted its Position Document on the Broadcast Code to TATT.